To remove the film dressing ­ illuminate it with the Switch Torch provided. This step takes a few seconds for each area that is illuminated. The adhesive has now become non­-sticky and the dressing can be easily removed. No residuals remain on the skin.

Lumina Switch Torch
Lumina Switch Torch in use
Lumina Switch Torch in use

The Switch Torch for Lumina dressings. Made out of anodised aluminium.Supplied with batteries. Can be used with rechargeable batteries (not included).  Class 1 | CE marked


How to remove Lumina Dressings

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Step 3

The dressing containing the switchable adhesive contains built-in receptors for the wavelength that the switch lamp emits. To initiate the switch, the lamp is held at a distance of about 2-3cm from the dressing, each areas requires about 2 seconds of illumination for the adhesive to switch. The light is then moved to the next area of the dressing and the process is repeated for the entire dressing. We recommend performing the illumination in a systematic pattern, so you know what area has been switched.

Once the entire dressing has been switched, initiate the release at one of the corners and peel the dressing of. For added comfort, remove the dressing in the direction of any hairs that might be located under the dressing.

An alternative to using the torch is to make use of sun light. Even if the patient is sent home, the patient can still make use of the switch.