A Unique Opportunity

We offer a disruptive, innovative, clinically proven product line that solves a well recognised unmet clinical need. Add a unique technology to your portfolio of products. Create a blue ocean market space by offering a solution no competitor can match. We are a young, agile and flexible company with stable financial owners.

Our strategy is clear; to reduce the risk of skin damage(MARSI) through our innovative and cost-efficient technology.

The Problem

Medical Adhesive-Related Skin Injury (MARSI) is a common type of skin injury which is often seen in vulnerable patients with fragile skin such as elderly or paediatric patients. It is caused by trauma to the skin from medical adhesives, and typically manifests as a skin tear, blistering, moist or macerated skin, folliculitis, skin-stripping, or superficially denuded skin.


The Solution

The Lumina dressing’s consist of a thin polyurethane membrane, coated with a layer of an innovative switchable adhesive. The dressing, which is permeable to both water vapour and oxygen, is impermeable to micro-organisms once in position, it provides an effective bacterial barrier to external contamination. When applied, the adhesive is strong and offers secure adhesion to the skin. Switching occurs by the use of the Switch Torch supplied by Lumina. Before removal, the dressing is illuminated with the Switch Torch for a few seconds using a specific wavelength of light. The adhesive strength is significantly reduced through illumination and the dressing removal can be performed easily, without causing skin damage.