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Skin damage due to the use of medical dressings is a real problem in today's health care. The problem is well documented and there is a broad agreement both among users and dressing manufacturers that measures need to be taken to minimize both the suffering and the cost resulting from this problem*. This is what Lumina has set out to solve!

In 2008 Lumina was founded with the focus set at making a difference in the medical dressing field. LUMINA's adhesive is an innovation. It´s a switchable medical adhesive with strong fixation and at the same time an easy removal. During the dialog with healthcare providers it became clear that a large number of patients fall between the focus areas of existing medical dressing offerings. With the innovative new adhesive used in our dressings, you can now have the best of two worlds – strong fixation and at the same time an easy and skin friendly removal. Less problems for children, elderly or patients with weak skin. And less problems for the treating nurses.

The LUMINA dressings consists of a thin polyurethane membrane, coated with a layer of an innovative switchable adhesive. The dressing, which is permeable to both water vapour and oxygen, is impermeable to micro­organisms, and once in position, it provides an effective barrier to external contamination. When applied, the adhesive is strong and offers secure adhesion to the skin. Before removal, the dressing is illuminated with the special torch ­ with a specific wavelength, during a few seconds, whereby the adhesive strength is significantly reduced. Following the illumination, the removal can be performed easily, without causing skin damage.

Lumina develops unique medical dressings. Combining strong fixation and a skin-friendly removal. Apply on the skin as you normally would do with any other medical dressings. When you want to remove the dressing ­ illuminate it with the special torch provided. This step takes a few seconds for each area that is illuminated. The adhesive has now become non­sticky and the dressing can be easily removed. No residuals remain on the skin.

*J Wound Ostomy Continence Nurs. 2013


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