Introducing Lumina IV Dressings

Unique dressings made for IV's that combines strong fixation and skin-friendly removal.

Step 1


Step 2

Illuminate withthe Switch Torchbefore removal.

Step 3

Remove dressing.Easy, gentlewound care.

"Since implementing the use of LUMINAS IV dressings, the frequency of incidents requiring the reinsertion of IV lines due to patient removal has significantly decreased. This not only spares the patient from unnecessary procedures but also saves valuable time for healthcare providers. The success of LUMINAS IV dressings can be attributed to their ability to provide reliable fixation, which can be safely removed without causing any damage to the patient's skin. Moving forward, we express our desire for LUMINAS adhesive to be made available in postoperative dressings as well. The presence of a secure and effective bacterial barrier is paramount for optimal healing. Unfortunately, current generic dressings tend to detach prematurely, posing a challenge in maintaining the desired level of protection."

Elénore Brandin and Matilda Skarin, Heads of Geriatrics deps 234 & 235. Mölndal hospital, part of Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Gothenburg, Sweden

The Dressings

Lumina develop unique dressings that are an innovation in gentle wound care. We combine strong fixation and a skin-friendly removal, with almost no pain for the patient.


The blue version is for general use and provides
very good fixation and very easy removal.
The red version provides even higher fixation
security for extra challenging fixations.

Sterile, single use.

Blue IV:
1001081 IV dressing 7 x 8,5 cm

Red IV:
1000900 IV dressing 7 x 8,5 cm
1000901 IV dressing 8,5 x 11,5 cm


Film dressing with switchable Acrylic or PU adhesive.
Print to identify as switchable dressing.
Sterile, single use.

Class 1s | CE marked

Red Acrylic:
5x7,2cm | 10 pcs | Art no. 1000139
10x12cm | 10 pcs | Art no. 1000140
15x15cm | 10 pcs | Art no. 1000141

Blue PU:
5x7,2cm | 20 pcs | Art no. 1000411
10x12cm | 20 pcs | Art no. 1000412


Post-op dressing with a non-adhering absorbing pad.
Switchable PU adhesive.
Print to identify as switchable dressing.
Sterile, single use.

Class 1s | CE marked

Blue PU:
6x10cm | 20 pcs | Art no. 1000409
10x15cm | 20 pcs | Art no. 1000410

The Switch

When you want to remove the film dressing ­ illuminate it with the special torch provided. This step takes a few seconds for each area that is illuminated. The adhesive has now become non­sticky and the dressing can be easily removed. No residuals remain on the skin.

Lumina Switch Torch
Lumina Switch Torch in use
Lumina Switch Torch in use

Switching torch for Lumina dressings. Made out of anodized aluminum.Supplied with batteries. Can be used with rechargeable batteries (not included). Class 1   |  CE marked


About Lumina

Lumina was founded in 2008 by three students from Chalmers University of Technology who acquired a dormant patent and initiated the development of a proprietary adhesives technology to address the problem of skin damage due to MARSI and bring about a gentle change in wound care. The technology has been considerably strengthened since then with several development and regulatory milestones as well as filed patent applications. Lumina is certified according to ISO 13485 since 2014.

Lumina has developed a unique, patent protected switchable adhesives technology (internally named Adhelight™), enabling adhesives which are very strong in their normal state (strong fixation) but lose their adhesion when switched (easy removal). Switching is executed through illumination, either through UVA light or visible light depending how the adhesive is designed.

The company has its premises with laboratory infrastructure in Gothenburg, Sweden. The staff consists of 6 employees with core competency focused at the chemistry behind switchable adhesives.

Skin injury due to the use of medical wound dressings is a real problem in today’s health care. The problem is well documented and there is a broad agreement among users and dressing manufacturers that measures need to be taken to minimise the suffering and the cost resulting from this problem*. Lumina has set out to solve this!

Switching occurs by the use of the Switch Torch supplied by Lumina. Before removal, the dressing is illuminated with the Switch Torch for a few seconds using a specific wavelength of light. The adhesive strength is significantly reduced through illumination and the dressing removal can be performed easily, without causing skin damage.

*J Wound Ostomy Continence Nurs. 2013.